Understanding Clips | Media Files and Sequence | Starting a Project | Importing Files

Browser Overview | Organising Clips In The Browser | The Creation of Sequences and Bins | The Icon View and Columns View

Viewer Overview | The Tabs in Viewer | The Transport Controls | Marking Controls

The Timeline Overview | Canvas Windows Overview | Editing Clips Into The Canvas & Timeline  Drag and Drop Editing | Overwriting and Inserting Edits | The Sequence Timecode

The Settings | The Timeline Buttons and Controls | Navigating and Zooming |  Transferring Clips in the Timeline | Trimming Using the Selection Tool | Clip Handles & Media Limits | Closing and Finding Gaps | Linking and Sync

Selection | Rolling Edit | Ripple Edit | Slide Edit1 | Slide Edit2 | Razor Blade Tools | Zoom and Hand | Crop & Distort | Pen Tools

The Adjustment of Levels | How to Read Audio Meters | Working with Stereo and Mono Clips | The Adjusting Plan | Adjusting Audio Over Time | The Audio Mixer | Using the Voice Over Tool in Final Cut Pro 

Using the Keyboard to Edit| 3 Point Editing| The Creation of L-Cuts| Delete Between the In/out Points | The Trim Edit Window Explained | Edit in the Trim Edit Window | Match frame | The Viewer Sync Controls | Superimpose Edit | Fit to Fill Edit | Replace Edit | How to Edit a Sequence of Clips in the Viewer

Adding Markers | Markers in the Timeline | Creating Subclips | Using Markers to create Subclips

Matching Settings Overview | The Item and User Preferences | Some System Settings | Both Audio and Video Settings

Connecting Sources for Capture| Creating a New Project for Capturing | Previewing and Marking Your Source | Logging Clips | Choosing Clip Settings | Choosing Capture Settings | Choosing Capturing Options | Setting Capture Preferences and Acquiring Other Media.

High Definition Formats | Frame Sizes | Frame Rates | Scanning Methods | Interpreting the Numbers | HD Workflow | 4KWorkflow | Using HDV

Both Applying and Adjusting Transitions | Favourite and Default Transition | Trouble-Shooting Transitions

Applying and Viewing Filters | Viewing and Modifying Filter Parameters | Applying Audio Filters | Using a Color Correction Filter | Animating Filters.

The Real Time Capabilities | Rendering Overview | The Rendering Settings | How to Preview Effects


Creating a Multiclip | Viewing Multiclips | Performing a Live Cut

The Basic Principles | The Three-Way Colour Correction | Frame Viewer

Generating Items | Using Title 3D | Using Motion Titles | Creating Basic Titles

Multiple Tracks in the Timeline |  How to Adjust Basic Motion Attributes | Using Keyframes | Adding Keyframes in FCP | Changing the Pace of a Clip

Finishing | Exporting QuickTime Files | Outputting to Tape