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Best Advanced Excel Courses of 2024: Elevate Your Skills!

Advanced Excel courses in Kerala with syllabus to match with the real-world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level.


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  • Normal Track: 25 Days
  • Fast Track: 13 Days

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    What will you learn in Advanced Excel ?

    Introduction | Editing Sheet | Formatting | Project 1

    Level 1: Excel Basics

    Duration: 10 Days

    Course Overview

    The Excel Basics course is designed for beginners to familiarize them with the fundamental concepts and functionalities of Microsoft Excel. Participants will learn to navigate Excel, perform basic data entry formatting, and acquire essential formula skills.

    Part 1: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

    • Understanding the Excel interface
    • Workbook and worksheet basics
    • Navigating and selecting cells
    • Saving and opening files

    Part 2: Data Entry and Formatting

    • Entering data into cells
    • Basic cell formatting (font, alignment, borders)
    • Using fill handles for quick data entry
    • Creating simple tables

    Part 3: Basic Formulas and Functions

    • Introduction to Excel formulas
    • Basic mathematical operations (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT)
    • Relative and absolute cell references
    • AutoSum and AutoFill

    Part 4: Intermediate Formulas and Functions

    • Using logical functions (IF, AND, OR)
    • Working with text functions (CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT)
    • Date and time functions
    • Error handling with IFERROR

    Part 5: Data Manipulation

    • Sorting and filtering data
    • Basic chart creation (column, pie, bar)
    • Introduction to data validation
    • Printing and page setup

    part 6: Practical Exercises and Review

    • Real-world scenarios and problem-solving
    • Review of course topics
    • Q&A and open discussion

    Duration: 25 Days

    Including Level 1

    Course Overview

    The Advanced Level enhances Excel skills with advanced filter functions, data analysis techniques, and creating simple dashboards. Participants will learn how to transform data into actionable insights.

    Part 7: Advanced Data Filtering

    • Advanced filter functions (FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE)
    • Working with data tables
    • Creating custom views

    Part 8: Advanced Formulas for Data Analysis

    • Aggregate functions (SUBTOTAL, AGGREGATE)
    • Calculated columns and tables

    Part 9: Advanced PivotTable Techniques

    • Slicers, timelines, and calculated fields
    • Building hierarchies in PivotTables
    • Advanced PivotTable data analysis

    Part 10: Introduction to Dashboard Design

    • Understanding the importance of dashboards
    • Planning a dashboard project
    • Data visualization best practices

    Part 11: Creating Interactive Dashboards

    • Building dynamic dashboards

    Part 12: Advanced Visualization Techniques

    • Advanced chart types (waterfall, Gantt, radar)
    • Heatmaps and conditional formatting
    • Custom visuals and graphics

    Part 13: Dashboard Automation

    • Data refresh and automation options
    • Building interactive forms and buttons

    This comprehensive two-level Excel training program equips participants with the skills necessary to excel in their careers, from mastering the basics and essential formulas to becoming proficient in data analytics, advanced filter functions, and creating dynamic dashboards.

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    Career opportunities for Advanced Excel

    • Data Analyst
    • MIS Executive
    • Financial Analyst
    • Market Research Analyst

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Advanced excel allow you to complete your tasks and analyse your data more quickly. Most of the companies prefer candidates with right skills in Excel no matter what your profession.

    Advanced excel allow you to complete your tasks and analyse your data more quickly. Most of the companies prefer candidates with right skills in Excel no matter what your profession.

    Advanced Excel is the powerful tool to manage, organize and analyse office data. Dashboards with excel will reduce time for lots off paper works and calculations. Many companies rely on Advanced excel and they hire only skilled candidates.

    Yes. You can attend daily classes with recorded videos

    Any one can learn Advanced Excel either online or offline no matter what your academics background.

    Yes.We cover Macros in excel in our online and offline sessions.

    Advanced Excel courses in Kollam offered by Skillspark ensures an assured career in Office administration and Accounting field.

    In today’s professional landscape, proficiency in Microsoft Excel isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Employers seek candidates who can harness the full potential of Excel, from basic data entry to complex data analysis and reporting. Our Excel Mastery Course equips you with the skills and knowledge to meet these demands head-on.

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    Benefits of learning Advanced Excel Courses

    • Improved Efficiency
    • Enhanced Data Analysis
    • Automated Reporting
    • Improved Reporting
    • Career Advancement
    • Reduced Error