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What will you learn in QuickBooks ?

Introduction to QuickBooks 

  • Introduction to QuickBooks 
  • Types of QB 
  • Login into QB Online
  • Company Creation in QB Online

Inventory and Products in QB

  • Inventory Creation, Products Creation

Company Settings and Tax System Process In QB 

  • Company preference Settings, VAT Set up in QB 
  • Chart of Accounts in QB 

Customer Details in QB

  • Customer Creation, Alteration, Deletion, Imports and Customer Reports

Supplier Details in QB

  • Supplier Creation, Alteration, Deletion, Imports and Supplier Reports

Bills and Invoice Creation in QB

  • Purchase Bill Creation 
  • Sales Invoice Preparation
  • VAT Treatments in Purchase Bill
  • VAT Treatments in Sales Invoice
  • Bills Editing, Delete, Cancel and Ax Details
  • Invoice Editing, Delete, Cancel and Tax Details 

Journal Transactions and Expense Transactions in QB

  • Different Types of Journal Transactions in QB
  • Journal Editing, Duplicate Journal Tracking, Deletion, Cancel, Journal Reports 
  • Expenses Tracking, Estimate Process 

Reports in QB 

  • Reporting Standards in QB 

Live Project and Level 1 Exam

A Detail Study of Inventories and Products and Services

  • Inventories in QB
  • Product and Services in QB

A Detail Study of the Chart of Accounts, Creating Items in QB

  • Chart of Accounts Creation, Deletion, Cancel and Reports 

Import and Export Process in QB

  • Standard Reports Import and Exports 
  • Customer and Supplier Imports and Exports

PO Process in QB

  • PO Processing, GRN, Rejection, Debit Notes, Cancel, Delete
  • PO Reports

 AR and AP in QB

  • AR Aging Reports
  • AP Aging Reports

Estimate Process in Detail

  • Estimate Process, Status , Delete, Cancel, Rejection 

Transfer and Deposit Methods in QB

  • Fund Transfer Methods
  • Bank Deposits 

Credit Note and Credit Card Transaction in QB 

  • Credit Note Transactions in Detail
  • Credit Card Transactions in Detail

Project Transactions in QB

  • Create a New Project
  • Project Expenses, Project Estimate, Bill, PO, Receive Payment
  • Time Activity in Project Transactions, Project Reports

Multi-Currency Transactions in QB and Adjusting Inventory in QB

  • Multi-Currency Transactions 
  • Adjusting Inventory 

Payroll Transactions and Budget

  • Payroll Transactions in Detail
  • Payroll Reports
  • Budgeting Creation in QB
  • Budget Reports

Sales Receipt and Refund Receipt in QB

  • Sales Receipt
  • Refund Receipt

Delayed Credit and Delayed Charges in QB

  • Delayed Credit 
  • Delayed Charges

BRS and Paydown Credit Card Transactions

  • BRS Transactions
  • Paydown Credit Card Transactions

Invoice Settings and Reports in QB

  • Invoice Settings in QB
  • Reports In QB

Final Project, Level 2 Exam

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  • Quickbooks Accounts Executive
  • Accountant

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Enrol in Skillspark to get QuickBooks online classes from expert faculties.

Enrol in Skillspark to get QuickBooks online classes from expert faculties.

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  • Quickbooks Accounts Executive
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper

Yes.In most of the companies abroad like UAE,Canada etc prefers accounts professionals with knowledge in QuickBooks .

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