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Graphic designing courses from basic to advanced skills level. Most updated and advanced syllabus at affordable fees. Become an expert in graphic designing. Course will cover the concepts of Creating Composite Images, Restoring and Correction of Photos, Drawing and Painting, Retouching, Painting, Animation and many other features.


Normal Track: 2 Months , Fast Track: 1 Month


Capt (Govt. of Kerala)


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Why Graphic Designing courses are an all time favorite?

graphic designing coursesThe job opportunities of a skilled Graphic Designer is always on a high. Graphic Designing is an unavoidable skills set in almost all domains of Media and Entertainment, especially digital branding.

Being a skilled graphic designer will always give you an upper edge in the job market.

With VC ROOM technology, you can learn Graphic Designing Courses with a real time class room experience from the most experienced experts in the industry.

what you'll learn ?
career options
  • Multimedia Designer.
  • Web Designer.
  • Logo Designer.
  • Brand Identity Designer.
  • Flash Designer.
  • Creative/Art Director.
  • Photo Editing/Photoshop Artist.
  • Layout Artist.

Support from experts

Get personalised attention and support from our subject experts. You will get regular updates on the progress of your course.


You will get real-time opportunity to interact with industry experts. This will enhance your professionalism in the respective domain of your learning.

live projects

At Skillspark, you will have opportunity to collaborate with live projects in all courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Expert in graphic designing,Capt certified by Skillspark

Yes, successful graphic designers get paid well. How much graphic designers get paid for their work depends on their design experience, skills.

Yes, Growing with online trends and digital marketing strategies by firms.

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