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Learn Gulf Job Oriented courses with essential software packages from experts to get placed in Gulf countries.


4 months (Normal Track, Daily 2 Hours ) or 2 months (Fast Track, Daily 4 Hours)


  • Microsoft Office- Capt (Govt of Kerala)
  • Tally


Degree Pass or Failed


The Gulf Job Orientation Course has been designed and developed by in-house R&D team from Accounting industry. Which covers essential ERP software packages Required for placements in Gulf countries. Students and Employees will get trained under expert faculties for their future job prospects.

what you'll learn ?

Basics of Hardware and Software | MS-EXCEL- An introduction | Managing workbook and cell reference | Number and conditional formatting | Working with formulas | Logical Functions | Data validation and financial functions | Chart | Data Extraction | Pivot Table and Chart | MS- WORD 2016 | Working with MS WORD | POWER POINT-2016 | Working with POWER POINT | MS WORD | EXCEL | POWERPOINT Practice sessions.

Introduction | Accounting terms

 Accounting | Event and transaction | Book keeping and accounting | Stakeholders in business | Important business terms

Capital and revenue transactions | Accounting principles

Capital and revenue expenditure | Capital and revenue receipt  | Accounting concepts and conventions | Double entry system of book keeping

Account  | Traditional and modern rules

Account  | Classification of account  | Debit and credit | Traditional and modern rules relating accounts


What is journal | Journal preparation

Ledger | Trail balance

What is ledger | Ledger posting | Ledger balancing

Cash book and its types

Types of cash book and discount

Bank reconciliation statement


Depreciation and its causes | Needs for charging depreciation | Factors considered for depreciation | Methods of depreciation.

Inventory valuation


Trail balance

Trail balance preparation

Trading and profit and loss account

Trading account and its preparation | Profit and loss account and its preparation

 Yearend adjustment entries

Adjustments regarding final accounts

Balance sheet

Preparation of balance sheet  | Problems of final accounts

Introduction | Company creation and Chart of accounts

Introduction | Company Creation | Alteration | Shut Company | Select Company | Delete Company | Company Features | Company Configuration | Ledger Creation | Alteration | Display | Delete (Single & Multiple) | Backup | Restore | Report | Sample problem

Bill allocation and Accounting vouchers

Bill allocation | Sample problem | Accounting Entry | Accounting vouchers | Types of reference

Cost centre and BRS

Cost centre | Cost category | Pre-defined cost centre | BRS

Inventory master creation

Stock group | Stock category | Unit of measurement | Multiple godown | Stock item | Sample problem

Purchase order processing

Purchase order | Receipt note | Rejection out | Purchase invoice | Purchase return | Sample question

Sales order processing

Sales order | Delivery note | Rejection in | Sales bill | Sales return | Batch | Sample question

Additional features in tally

Zero value voucher | Actual and billed quantity in inventory voucher | Separate discount column | Standard rate | Credit limit | Additional cost of purchase | Price list | Sample question

Interest calculation

interest on loan calculation | debtors interest calculation | creditors interest calculation | sample question

Manufacturing voucher in Tally

Bill of material | manufacturing voucher creation | manufacturing entry | Sample question

Budgeting and control

Non accounting voucher | Budgeting & control | Sample question

Import and export

Export | Import data | Revision

 Introduction to GST

GST introduction | components of GST

GST using Tally

Activating GST | GST Master Creation | Inward & Outward Supply of Goods (Local) | Sample Problems | GST Reports Inward & Outward Supply of Goods (Inter State) | Sample problem

Inward & outward supply of goods

Inward & Outward Supply of Goods (Inter State) | Sample problem.


Input Tax Credit | Sample problem

Purchase and sale of service

Sale and Purchase of Services (Local) | (Inter State)

Job costing

enable job costing feature | Cost centre for job costing | Godown for job costing

use of stock journal | Voucher class for job costing


TDS introduction | TDS adjustment entries | Statutory payments

Payroll ledger creations

Payroll entries

Receivables Management

Tally live project 1

Tally live project 2

Tally live project 3

Introduction to UAE VAT | Understanding VAT | Supplies under UAE VAT | Place of Supply | Date of supply | Tax Payable | Registration | Maintenance of Account | Tax Return | Penalties | GCC VAT using Tally Prime

Introduction to QUICKBOOKS 

Introduction to QuickBooks | Key Difference between QuickBooks Desktop & Online | Features of QuickBooks | How to Access QuickBooks Online | Setting up your Company

Accounts and settings | ledger creation

How to Login in quick book after registered in Quick Book | Configure Company settings | How to create Ledger and entered opening balance if required

Depreciation and inventory creation

Depreciation | Create Product and give opening inventory details

Creation of customers and suppliers

How to create Debtors/Customers | How to create Creditors/Suppliers

Journal voucher

Transaction | Journal Voucher | Contra Entry


Invoices (Sales and Purchase) | Expenses

Receipts and payments

Payment Entry (Bank / Cash) | Party payment | Receipt Entry | Receipt from Customers


Configure GST | Purchase of Goods | Sale of Goods – Local | Interstate


TDS Entry | TDS payable

Viewing reports


Introduction and company creation

Introduction to Peachtree | Creation | Alter of company

Chart of account creation

Ledger accounts and under groups of ledger accounts Creation | Alter of chart of accounts

Vendor creation | Customer creation

Creation | Alter of vendor and customer | Define accounts related to vendor and customer

Stock creation

Define accounts related to stock item | Creation of stock item

Journal entries

Rules for journal entry | Recording of journal entry

Purchase order and credit purchase

 Process of purchase order | Recording of credit purchase

Sales order and Credit sales

Process of sales order | Recording of credit sales

Credit purchase payment and credit sales receipt

Payment of credit purchase | Receipt of credit sales

Cash purchase and cash sales | Banking

Banking related details | Cash purchase and cash sales


Viewing different reports of company

Introduction to Excel

Introduction | Editing sheet | Formatting | Project1

Worksheet view

Viewing worksheet | Filling series | Flash fill

Conditional formatting | Data validation

Conditional formatting- new rule | Data validation

Lookup and cell reference

VLOOKUP | HLOOKUP | Cell reference

Important functions in Excel

Remove duplicate values | Hyperlink | Important functions in excel

Logical functions | sum and count functions

Logical functions | sum | sumif  | sumifs  | count | countif | countifs

Working with formulas

Statistical functions and mathematical functions | Date related functions

Text functions

Text functions in excel | Match and index functions

Database functions and subtotal functions

Dsum | dcount | Subtotal functions

Classic pivot table and chart

Chart element | Pivot table and pivot chart

Data extraction

Filter and advanced filter

Graphics and insert object function

Custom view | Graphics | Insert object

Print area setup

Header and footer  | Print area setup | Text to column function

Important tools in excel

Form data | Auditing tool | Web data

Goal seak | Solver  | Scenario manager

Speak cell | Camera tool | Sparkline chart

People graph | Data forecast | Import text file

Mail merge | Consolidating data

Macro | Password protection

career options
  • Accountant
  • Administrator
  • Accounts Executive
  • Accounts Manager
  • Front Office Assistant
  • Cashier
  • Supervisor

Support from experts

Get personalised attention and support from our subject experts. You will get regular updates on the progress of your course.


You will get real-time opportunity to interact with industry experts. This will enhance your professionalism in the respective domain of your learning.

live projects

At Skillspark, you will have opportunity to collaborate with live projects in all courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Being Multiskilled is the essential thing nowadays.You should get trained under experienced faculties with all recommended software like Tally VAT,SAGE,QuickBooks,SAP,Advanced Excel.

Gulf Package Course by Skillspark The Finishing School is the best Option for you.

You can work as office assistant, accountant ,administrator in gulf.

  • Microsoft Office- Capt (Govt of Kerala)
  • Tally
  • QuickBooks

Yes ,You will get training for GCC VAT using Tally.

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