Flipped Classroom method: The successful method for effective learning in 2021

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Flipped classroom method for learning will change the patterns of current educational systems to a greater extend. In this digital era, the way in which we access and gather information have changed a lot. We know that any questions arising in our mind can have an answer in finger tips or a mouse click in a computer or a touch in a mobile phone or tablet screen.

This has changed a lot in the approach of students accessing information and the way they learn new information. This will definitely continue to be so in the future. Hence, teachers must look into this major change and adapt themselves to cop up with the change in this learning process.

There are lots of discussions going on about Flipped classroom method of learning. Even though this method is quite new in India, it is practiced in foreign nations from years back.

What is flipped classroom method of learning?

The flipped classroom method approach is a teaching strategy that builds on the traditional lecture-based education model. It has been adopted by educators in an effort to change the current paradigm of learning.

In a flipped class method of learning, students watch recorded lectures at home and work on projects, workshops, and group discussions during the actual class period. This will help students to have a clear understanding of what is going to be taught in a classroom on a particular day. Hence they can interact with their teachers more effectively.

From the teacher’s perspective, since student are already having an initial understanding of a day’s subject, they will get more time to discuss related topics more and make the students understand the concepts much much better. This was never been possible in a traditional learning method.

The flipped classroom approach engages students in active, self-directed learning experiences where they can learn outside of a formal classroom setting through a variety of approaches such as videos, webinars, and podcasts.

What is the purpose of a flipped classroom ?method?

A flipped classroom is a learning method that relies heavily on online videos, podcasts, simulations or other pre-recorded materials that are taught/learned outside of the classroom. The flipped classroom method has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its effectiveness in engaging students in learning activities.

Will a flipped classroom method work?

In a traditional classroom setting, students learn from a teacher in a lecture setting, and have homework to complete after class. In a flipped classroom method, the lecture is viewed as homework to be completed before class. The benefit of a flipped classroom method is that it allows for more time during class for hands-on learning.

For the past 2 years, Skillspark is successfully following Flipped Classroom Method of learning and the outcome is quite promising. All our students are coming to class, whether online or offline, after viewing the HD Video content provided to them for each subjects. Hence they get more time to interact and clear the doubts effectively with the faculties concerned.

Is flipped classroom method better?

The flipped classroom method is a teaching methodology in which students watch lectures and other instructional videos at home, before coming to class. The content for this type of class is typically video clips, lectures, reading materials and other videos that are accessed via the Internet. Hence all students will have a clear understanding of what is going to be taught in the class on a particular day and will be able to follow the lessons with ease.

What are the key elements of the flipped classroom method?

The flipped classroom is based on the idea that content can be delivered outside of class time, taking up class time for other activities. This model requires the teacher to create videos of lectures or handouts and upload them to be viewed by students before or after school. Students are then expected to complete assignments in class and participate in discussions with the teacher.

To a certain extend, closed social media groups also can be utilized for effective online discussions among teachers and students.


The whole teachers and students fraternity have understood the importance of online learning now. But there is always a debate on the effectiveness of this online learning method. With the introduction of Flipped Classroom method of learning, it is for sure that the complete education system, online learning in particular, will witness a positive change and this flipped classroom method will rule the future of complete learning process.

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