Creating primitive objects | Moving Objects in the 3D Space | Maya View Tools Layouts | Saved Layouts Channel Box and Manipulators | Grouping and Parenting | Spline Modelling | About Nurbs (Non-uniform rational B-spline) | Creating Curve and Surfaces | Attaching and closing | Surfaces Duplicating |  Curves Lofting and revolving surfaces | Procedural Modelling | Create complex objects scenes using scripts as an alternative to GUI – based tools

Fast work of importing Adobe Illustrator files into Maya for text and Logo treatments.

What is rendering | How Maya renders Shader Networks | Shading Groups Materials Lights | Maya architecture Nodes and Attributes | Hyper Graph | IPR (Interactive Photo realistic Rendering)

Type of lights | Usage of each techniques for each Light | Linking New linking to Objects (and sets) | Workflow Reason for light linking – matching live footage lighting | Light attributes – What you’re adjusting and why – show manipulators | Light Fog Intensity Curves

Depth map | What When and Why to use Reuse / Share depth maps | Ray traced What, When and why to use Shadow Techniques (For realism and Optimization) Adding hard or soft shadows to a scene Shafts of Light – light fog Trouble – shooting section for shadow problems

Occlusion – as applies to light glow Auto – exposure – as applies to Shader Glow

Selective Ray tracing Multithreaded tile – based batch renderer concepts Renderer

Powerful Keyframing Tools | Keyframing First | Cut, copy and paste of animated objects in the timeline | Animation play blast for rapid review of complex scenes Path Animation | Animate an object along a curve or surface | Edit path or other animation parameters during playback | Set Driven Key | Establish Relationships where one action automatically drives another | Dope sheet Rapid and intuitive global editing of keyframe timing | Channel Box | Quickly edit an Object’s attributes one or more fields at a time | Graph Editor Precise Controlling on animated parameter changes over time

Comprehensive assortment of constraints

For image file translations |  Getting content to and from videotape

Rebuilding surfaces | Editing Control Vertices (CV) | NURBS Boolean Apply subtraction, intersect and union Operations across multiple NURBS surfaces Round | Create rounded bevels of constant radius on any NURBS object | Surface Offset Create new surfaces, offset from original specific value| Working with trimmed or untrimmed surfaces | Enhanced Extrude Scale and Rotation | Control for extruding a curve along a path | Square Create NURBS from up to 4 curves | Global Stitching | Stitching multiple adjoining surfaces together with full continuity | Subdivision of Surfaces

Artisan’s natural brush interface to interactivity sculpt and Paint attributes on polygons and NURBS or add objects to surfaces

Nodes, Attributes Connections Hierarchies and Dependencies Shading group nodes

Lattices Sculpt Object Wires

Rigid Body Dynamics | Realistic high speed simulation of multiple rigid objects | Dynamic Constraints such as nails, hinges, barriers, pins and springs | Soft Body Dynamics | Simulation of flexible objects | Creation of secondary motion effects like muscle jiggles, floppy hats etc | Powerful Spring architecture | Extensible Integrated | Particle System | Powerful integrated particle system with expression based control over particle attributes, motion and dynamics | Rotation, scaling, translation or parenting | Manipulating particle, fields and emitters | Textured control of particle emission| Geometry instancing on single or cycling geometry onto any particle | Particle collision | Particle Time Control | Precise keyframe control by adjusting the base timing for each individual particle object effect Fields | Applying fields like gravity, vortex, air, turbulence etc| Custom fields via extensive dynamics | API ClipFX Library of ready – made effects like fire, curve and surface flow, shatter, fireworks and lighting

Powerful Painting Techniques | Create jungles of trees and plants | Flowing hair | Flickering flames And many more| Paint Effects brushes Natural Media Brushes | Effects Brushes | Brush Attributes | Rendering Paint Effects

Pose Based Characters Skeletons and Inverse Kinematics (IK) Skinning | Advance Layered Deformations | Integrated sound Synchronization | Integrated Motion Capture Concepts

Create any Fashion in any Fabric Animate any Fabric object | Unique Solver Integration with Maya

Artisan User Interface | Using Artisan to paint fur Using the Artisan brush to comb the hair | Multiple Fur Type Using | Multiple fur types | Assigning Attributes to fur | Applying Texture on the fur | Animating Fur| Fur Rendering

Match 3D Elements with Live action shots | Extract an exact duplicate of the original camera from live action footage to precisely match the original motion and seamlessly blend live action and CG elements | Camera movement support 2D tracking | Tolerant of noisy tracking observations | Bi-directional tracking | Different Solvers for different | Problems Interactive root frame solver for complete interaction with the camera extraction process | Automated comprehensive solver with exclusive Inverse | Computer Graphics Reconstructing Live action elements as 3D Geometry Placing | Maya 3D Locators in the 3D positions to easily constructing scene geometry and precisely position 3D objects relative to the live action scene.