Introduction | Accounting terms

 Accounting | Event and transaction | Book keeping and accounting | Stakeholders in business | Important business terms

Capital and revenue transactions| Accounting principles

Capital and revenue expenditure | Capital and revenue receipt | Accounting concepts and conventions | Double entry system of book keeping

Account | Traditional and modern rules

Account | Classification of account | Debit and credit| Traditional and modern rules relating accounts


What is journal | Journal preparation

Ledger | Trail balance

What is ledger | Ledger posting | Ledger balancing

Cash book and its types

Types of cash book and discount

Bank reconciliation statement


Depreciation and its causes| Needs for charging depreciation | Factors considered for depreciation | Methods of depreciation.

Inventory valuation


Trail balance

Trail balance preparation

Trading and profit and loss account

Trading account and its preparation | Profit and loss account and its preparation

 Yearend adjustment entries

Adjustments regarding final accounts

Balance sheet

Preparation of balance sheet | Problems of final accounts


Accounting Introduction | Terms | Expenditures


Introduction to accounting | Basic accounting terms | Expenditures and Its Types

Accounting Concepts


 Accounting concepts | Different Accounting Concepts

Accounting Rules


Types of Accounts | Traditional and Modern Rules of Accounting



Preparation of Journal | Journal Entry Test (JET)

Ledger & Cash Book


Ledger | Ledger Posting and Balancing | Cash Book | Types of Cash Books

Trail balance, Adjustments


Trail Balance | Format and preparation of trail balance | Adjustments

Final accounts


Preparation of Final accounts

Introduction to Tally Prime


Installing Tally | Tally Introduction | Types of Licence in Tally Prime | Activation & Deactivation of Licence | Work in Education Mode

Company Creation


Company Creation | Alteration| Shut Company | Select Company | Delete Company | Company Features | Company Configuration | Ledger Creation | Alteration | Display | Delete(Single & Multiple) | Navigation(top,right) | Swich to | Go to

Chart of Accounts


Introduction to Chart of Accounts| Master Creation-   Ledger |  Group- Both Single and Multiple – Deletion | Alteration

Inventory Master


Creation- Alteration – Deletion Of  -Inventory Group | Inventory Category | Unit | Stock Item | Location | Sub Group | Sub Category 



Vouchers- Recording and Maintaining Accounting Transactions


Voucher | Voucher Creation

Bill Wise Allocation & Practice Question Including All Completed Portions


Bill Wise Allocation of Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors



 Banking – Cheque Printing| Deposit Slip Printing | Bank Payments | Payment Advise | BRS- Manual and Auto

Reports Generation


Generating reports in tally | MIS Reports Generation

Data Security


Data Security- Backup | Restore | Activation of Security Controll in Tally  | Creation of Security Levels | Creation of Passwords for Company | Activation of Company Vault | Auto Login



Inventory Storage | Maintaining Batch

Storage and classification of inventory ( Godown transfer and management) | maintain  batch-wise details

Price level

Price List | Practice

Additional Features In Tally Prime | Voucher Class Settings

Credit Limit | Zero Value Voucher | Actual and Billed Quantity Column | Separate Discount   Column | Additional Cost of Purchase | Sales Invoice Logo | Banking Details in Invoice | Voucher Class Settings

Purchase Order -Quotation | Re-order level

Purchase Order Processing | Re-Order Level

Sales order- proforma invoice

Sales Order Processing | Proforma Invoice

Cost centre | profit centre management

Cost centre | Pre-Defined Cost Centre | Profit Centre Management

Budget & scenario | sales invoice numbering

Debtors – creditors interest calculation


Non-accounting vouchers and generating |  printing reports | forex conversion

Full portion practice day



GST introduction

Introduction of GST | GST Components | GST rates

Activating GST in Company

 Activating GST in Tally Prime, GST master creation, inward and outward supply of goods /  local and interstate GST reports

GST Purchase and Sales of Goods & Service

Purchase and sales of goods and service & practice

ITC and GST payments  

ITC in Tally | GST Payments | Practice

Construction Accounting

Live  projects


Introduction to excel

Introduction | Editing sheet | Formatting | Project1

Worksheet view

Viewing worksheet | Filling series | Flash fill

Conditional formatting | Data validation

Conditional formatting- new rule | Data validation

Lookup and cell reference

VLOOKUP | HLOOKUP | Cell reference

Important functions in excel

Remove duplicate values | Hyperlink | Important functions in excel

Logical functions| sum and count functions

Logical functions | sum | sumif | sumifs | count | countif | countifs

Working with formulas

Statistical functions and mathematical functions | Date related functions

Text functions

Text functions in excel | Match and index functions

Database functions and subtotal functions

Dsum | dcount | Subtotal functions

Classic  pivot table and chart

Chart element| Pivot table and pivot chart

Data extraction

Filter and advanced filter

Graphics and insert object function

Custom view | Graphics | Insert object

Print area setup

Header and footer | Print area setup| Text to column function

Important tools in excel

Form data | Auditing tool| Web data

Goal seak | Solver | Scenario manager

Speak cell | Camera tool | Sparkline chart

People graph | Data forecast | Import text file

Mail merge | Consolidating data

Macro | Password protection

Basic concepts | Supply | Composition scheme | Forward charge and reverse charge Mechanism | Time of supply | Place of supply | Value of supply| Input tax credit | General Procedures | E way bill | GST accounting and GSTin | GST using tally | GST online 

E Way Bill | Introduction| When to issue E Way Bill | Who should generate E Way Bill | Advantages | Disadvantages | Documents or details required to be generated in goods exempted from E Way Bill | Validity of E Way Bill | Blocking and unblocking of E Way bill  | E Way Bill generation online using Tally | Consolidated E Way Bill |  Modification, rejection and cancellation of E Way Bill